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Generators and UPS Systems

2016-01-06 23:24:28


Ensure your operation doesn’t fail just because the power does

Melcon - reliability as standard

If you need backup for your main power (short term or permanent) we can offer full or part integration into your electrical installation. If constant, reliable power with no fluctuations is vital to your business, a guaranteed voltage can be provided by a UPS system.

Whether you are looking for design, installation or maintenance of your generator or UPS system just contact us.

 portable diesel electric generator

Generators installed where and when you need them

Whether it is generator hire for a planned event, an emergency or a standby generator for permanent installation we can provide just what you need. We’ll package the work and take complete control of the installation and integration including solutions for total and part load cover, automatic, manual and part load shedding requirements.

Melcon has installed standby generators fully or partly integrated into essential distribution systems in private homes, offices, retail, commercial and industrial properties. We’ll install and project manage your job, and we can even take responsibility for fuel management.

2016-01-06 23:24:41

For cost-effective electrical engineering services, you can rely on Melcon

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for secure operation

Power failure can be disastrous, so if continuity of supply is vital to your business a UPS system is essential. This can range from a simple unit which ensures a safe, planned shutdown of equipment right through to a dedicated support system for continued operation.

A true UPS system actually converts AC to DC to provide power to batteries, and then back to AC to maintain a constant supply of power to any equipment connected to it. These critical power systems can vary greatly, but whether it’s comms and IT, manufacturing plant or medical devices all you need to do is nominate the critical service and equipment and we’ll develop the solution.

We have a wealth of experience in providing complete energy back-up solutions with seamless transfer by combining a UPS system and generator, integrating the equipment into your energy distribution.

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