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Lighting installation

2016-01-07 00:29:37


Let us show you how we can light up your premises

Practical, energy efficient lighting for your employees or customers

With Environmental Impact Assessments in widespread use there has never been more importance attached to the types of lighting you choose to have in your office, factory or retail space. We all know how poor lighting can lead to short term eye fatigue and headaches, with longer exposure leading to sight damage, but it’s also proven that lighting can affect people’s moods.

While there’s no substitute for natural light this often isn’t practical in industrial, commercial or retail environments where tasks or products demand highlighting, but consideration still needs to be given to wiring / installation costs and ongoing energy requirements.

Melcon have proven experience in installing cost-effective lighting systems that allow your people to carry on with business, whatever sector you’re in.

2016-01-25 10:37:51

For cost-effective electrical engineering services, you can rely on Melcon


For Architectural lighting that makes a statement,

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