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Energy Conservation, Building Management Systems (BMS) and Power Factor Correction

2016-01-06 23:26:58


Let us help you reduce your energy usage

Help the environment – and cut your energy bills

With increasingly higher costs for power and more pressure than ever on the environment, reducing and conserving energy is a key factor in any business. We can help you reduce energy use, whether you’re a school, office, industrial user or manufacturer by implementing some simple steps and installing money-saving equipment. Ask us for more details on any of the services below.

 energy conservation

Energy Conservation

Energy reduction is not only important for the environment but it also makes sound financial sense. We’ll survey your existing systems as well as driving forward energy efficient design and installation of new equipment and refurbishments.

Whether it be new energy efficient equipment or the installation of energy saving devices such as presence sensors and daylight linked devices, you can rely on us to specify and install the most appropriate money-saving kit.

2016-01-06 23:27:13

For cost-effective electrical engineering services, you can rely on Melcon

Building Management Systems - BMS

Efficient control of boilers and building mechanical services via BMS systems can have a significant impact on the efficiency – and cost - of your operation.

Ranging from small standalone control systems to networked site control systems, we’re able to provide the whole package from design, panel manufacture, control wiring and installation right through to commissioning.

Power Factor Correction equipment

A Power Factor Correction (PFC) unit corrects the inefficient use of power– the difference between the ‘useful’ power and ‘total’ power used by your electrical equipment. Depending on your installation this can have a big effect on your power supply, which not only affects the power quality but in many cases your firm’s electricity bill.

Conscious of the environmental cost, many electricity companies charge a penalty for using electricity inefficiently. And using higher loads than necessary will often decrease the life of your electrical equipment.

PFC units can be installed and integrated into both new and existing installations with ease, often providing a relatively quick ROI.

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